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A Rocky Life-What I’ve Learned This Semester

I thought last semester would be the hardest of my college life.  Ha! Boy was I wrong. There’s no such thing as a hardest semester, every semester is difficult.  Both last semester and this semester were full of tears, laughter, friendships found and friendships lost, happiness and depression.  And yet, with this roller-coaster of emotions, I amazed myself by pulling through once again.

Our DigLit class this semester has been the class that made me really think this semester.  I was challenged to improve my mind and learn about things that were out of my comfort zone.  I was encouraged to try something new, to get out and find something that I love to do.  I knew people enjoy learning something they want to learn about, but I had never actually experienced the enjoyment myself.  With the simple statement “I want to learn how to draw like my tattoo artist” I embarked on a learning journey.  I even put some of my work into the shop and sold one of them.  It’s weird, thinking that something I drew (me!) is going to be permanently drawn onto someone else’s body.  I even drew my own tattoo.  It turned out great and is the second most liked on Inktrix’s Facebook page.

my tattoo

Not only did I experience fun learning, I also learned more about myself in this semester than I like to admit. At the beginning of the semester I was still a bright eyed, naive little girl.  I believed that life would be perfect, that there was even such a thing as perfection, and that I knew myself.  Now, at the end of this semester, I’ve realized that I don’t know myself at all.  I know the kind of person I want to be, but I don’t know how to get there, I don’t know where to start.

Perhaps this will be my new learning project, finding out how to be the person I want to be and making it happen.

Yeah, I like this idea.  Along with learning how to knit socks.  One can never have enough socks.


Time to rediscover myself.