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Passion-Still Searching


Passion: a strong and barely controllable emotion

I’ve been asking myself for weeks now what my passion is.  There are lots of things that I love to do, and people that I love to hang out with, but nothing that I really consider a ‘passion’.  In my Digital Literacy class, we have discussed passion based learning and how in order to teach, the teacher must first be the student.  So how can I teach my future students to pursue their passion when I don’t even know what mine is?

I start to think about my mom and how it took her until she was married and had three kids to realize that she absolutely loves to run wrestling tournaments.  This is her passion.  She travels around the world to do it.  I think she’s nuts but that’s what people with passions look like to people without passions.  They look like total nut-cases.

What am I supposed to do? How do I find my passion?  Do I have to wait another twenty years until it finds me or do I actively pursue every possibility until I find a passion? If I have to pursue one is it forcing a passion onto myself? Can that even be considered a passion if it’s forced?

I just don’t know anymore.

I’m having a mid mid-life crisis.


Learning to Draw…Er…Trace..

tat project 1

This is a sea turtle. A sea turtle that I drew…well traced for my learning project for my Digital Literacy class.  We have 5 hours a week to spend learning how to do something and I chose to learn how to draw like my tattoo artist.  I attempted to draw and trust me, you do NOT want to see what that sea turtle looked like when I was through with him.

So I decided, to get myself a little back into the groove of artistic genius that tracing would be a great place to start.  So I cheated and traced this turtle instead.  But hey, at least I’m honest!  I really love how it turned out and kind of wish my mom didn’t already get her turtle tattoo because I like this drawing better than the one she got but oh well, maybe I can convince her to get this one on the other foot 😉

I’ve realized that people put a lot of trust into my tattoo artist when they give him an idea of what they want a piece to look like. Not only is my artist taking what his clients want but he is also adding a piece of his own unique art to it as well.  Being a tattoo artist is hard…even being a fake one is hard.

School!? Who Needs It?

why do we have school

Today’s technology gives one unlimited access to tons of knowledge with the click of a button.  All a child has to do to learn basic math anymore is to watch a video on the Internet and practice at home.  So why do we still have school if children have access to all of these resources and knowledge?  Why do our children spend 8 hours a day, five days a week, 13 years of their lives in a building learning what they can learn at home?


Teachers act as guides.  Kids have that access to tons of knowledge, but they don’t know what to do with it.  They don’t know how to organize it, they don’t know how to utilize it.  Teachers are trained how to guide students in the right direction to use the knowledge to their advantage.  Without a guide, students would be running rampant through the streets of intelligence, lost and confused.

We need teachers.  We need schools.

Stream of Consciousness-Writing 101

Today’s challenge was to sit and write for twenty minutes.  There was no prompt or anything specific to write about.  Just write! Which is great because I need to write.  I need to get past this thing we call ‘writer’s block’.  What I came up with is kinda dark and weird but I sorta like it.

They were running out of time.  Death was at their heels, and if they didn’t hurry he would catch them.  But this is what the audience came to watch of course.  20,000 pairs of eyes following the poor Souls in the Arena as they ran for cover, the Light sources.  Alexa flicked a strand of hair from her face and turned to her father.  It disturbed her to see him smiling.

“Keep your eyes to the Arena, Alexa Rayne,” King Jed sternly said to his daughter.  “The day has not yet ended.”

Alexa looked up to the sky.  The clouds were tinged pink and gold.  The sun would be setting soon, and with it another Soul taken.  She turned her eyes back to the action.  Four people remained.  Four innocent Souls sprinting to get to the last remaining Light spot in the Arena where Death couldn’t touch them.  The sun was making its descent.

One, two, three people made it to the source of Life.  The fourth tried to join, but right before the bell sounded, right before the sun hid its face, the others shoved her into the shadows and Death took her in his arms.

“Ha! This is my favorite part. Are you watching Alexa, darling?” the King hollered as he stood from his throne and watched as Death gently put the woman on the ground.

The woman was shaking, Death had his pale, clammy hands on her arms, holding her down.  He bent down as if to kiss her, and Alexa watched as he smiled and whipered something to the woman.  She screamed, Death laughed, and her Soul, her Life, her memories, her everything flowed into Death’s mouth.

The audience cheered and roared.  Death was escorted back to his chamber, and Alexa wiped a tear from her cheek as her father clapped an ambassador on the back.

Another innocent Life taken that she could have saved.

Your Introduction to Brittany Grace


So…I’m an odd duck, I’m just gonna jump right out there and say it.  I am not ordinary unless being ordinary includes being weird and spontaneous….and just plain…well weird.  I’m twenty years old.  Have been since December of last year.  I am currently going to college to achieve my dream of becoming an English teacher and track coach of the high school or middle school age group.  I think being weird could help me in that field…hopefully.

I miss flying.  No, not flying in airplanes although that’s fun too.  I miss this kind of flying:

miss flying

I used to be great at it.  This is way back in the days of high school track and field when I was able to run without getting a migraine.  But I’m working on it, and things are finally looking up.  So far, I’ve only had one really bad migraine this semester which is a record.  YAY!

As far as my teaching career goes, I hope to be able to pass on my passion for running and jumping to the willing young athlete as well.

I’d love to connect to new teachers, old teachers, new coaches, old coaches, anyone who would have advice for me as I’m making my journey into the world of education.  I feel like so many people have great new ideas when it comes to teaching but once they get out to actually teaching, they don’t follow their ideas.  They slide right back to the old ways of teaching.  I want to be a brave, encouraging, young, and crazy teacher…without having to be the lone-nut.  Can I be a lone-nut in a group of other lone-nuts?

A Little Bit Ashamed…


So…I’ve just received a notification from WordPress that congratulates me for having this blog for a year.  A whole year! …but I only have a grand total of 42 published posts.  And I love the idea of having a blog, I always find myself wanting  to write and post on my blog.  I just never know how to start or what to write about.

As I was scrolling on ‘Reader’ today I saw that the Daily Post was doing Blogging and Writing 101.  I clicked on it, read up on it, took a deep breath, and then typed my info in the little boxes.  This will be part of my learning project for my digital literacy class but not all of it.  (I still want to learn how to draw like my tattoo artist!).

my tatThis is my tattoo I got last Thursday.

I’m really excited for these little mini courses that I’m going to be a part of.  Hopefully it will get me back into writing and into a regular blog routine so I can officially call myself a blogger.  I’ve been wanting to call myself that for a very long time; and I’ve been wanting to get back into writing for an even longer time.  I miss writing.