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What is Digital Literacy?

diglitclass 2

This picture reminds me of something I would do.  I thought it was funny so had to share.

Digital literacy- Cornell University describes it as the “the ability to find, evaluate, utilize, share, and create content using information technologies and the Internet.”

In our first Digital Literacy class we discussed what we thought digital literacy was.  We talked about the understanding and utilizing part of Cornell’s definition, but what really sticks out to me here is the creating part.  Digital literacy isn’t only being able to understand how to use Microsoft Word.  It’s being able to use it and to create something with it.  It’s using our imagination and doing something with a program that no one has done before.  Digital literacy is like a language.  We are the hipsters who make up new slang words and definitions for old words.  We bend the language to our will.  We make it our own.

Digital literacy is not only being able to type in the words, “what is a lemon” into the old trusty “Uncle McGoogle”.  It’s being able to understand a program and create something with that program.  Don’t know what a lemon is? Go find out on Google and then create a collage for what you’ve found.  Write a blog post, heck, write a book!  The point is, create something with the technology and knowledge that you have at your fingertips.  You have the capability to create a world, multiple worlds, if you just reached out and expanded your knowledge just a bit further.  You can never know too much.