“Looking for Alaska”-John Green-SPOILER ALERT


First off, if you haven’t read this book yet and don’t want to know what happens, don’t read this post!

This book is great.  For me, it’s at the same level as “The Fault in Our Stars”.  I can’t pick a favorite between the two.  Although the main character, Miles A.K.A. Pudge, does things that I don’t agree with, I have unfortunately had the ‘pleasure’ of meeting boys who fall in love with a girl but date someone else so this aspect of the book is very realistic for me.

I have mixed feelings for my favorite character, Alaska Young.  She’s crazy! The reason I think I like her so much is because she reminds me of a character I had made up in my little middle school brain.  Much like Alaska, Sarah Snape (yes, I did make a character in the world of Harry Potter, go ahead and judge, I’m not ashamed) is crazy, independent, and a trickster.  This connection made it easy for me to like Alaska.

The thing that made this book for me is probably going  to sound bad to everyone else.  Alaska died in a car accident while intoxicated.  I don’t want to get too personal here, but the same fate could have very well have happened to me three months ago.  It was for that reason that “Looking for Alaska” really punched me in the gut.  The death of Augustus Waters is very tragic, but I don’t have cancer or know someone who does so it wasn’t as…heart-wrenching for me as when Alaska died.  I cried more when Alaska died.

Again, I want to say that John Green has found a way to my emotions that no other author has.  And for this, I want to thank John Green.  I think I have a new favorite author.


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