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Adolescent Lit Class Reading Goals

Ok, so, these goals may seem a little easy to reach, but since I am taking five literature classes this semester, I think they are reasonable.


-To become more accustomed to young adult literature.  I’ve read a few books in this genre, but most of these books I’ve read over and over again to the point where I know every secret of Hogwarts.


-To read between 8-16 books this semester that fall under this category.  Again, to some that might not seem like a lot of reading to do in one semester, especially to you faster readers, but I have an immense reading load this semester and think that this is a reasonable amount.


What I want to take away from this class:

I want to find a book that speaks to me as much as the Harry Potter series did when I was younger.  I want to be able to create my own identity/character in the novel’s world. I want to be able to share this novel with family and friends and have them experience the same thing.

The Game Plan:

-Just keep reading, just keep reading, what do we do? We read, read read! Don’t stop reading, never stop reading, read until you fall asleep and pick up where you started the moment you wake up.  Don’t stop! Don’t put that book down! Where are you going? To check Facebook? You don’t have time!  Pick up that book and sit your little bottom on that sofa until you finish it.

-Ok, well, I guess not everything has time to be done today.  Be patient.  Read, but be patient.


Theme Thursday- Optimistic

Optimistic- hopeful and confident about the future

ImageI consider myself to be a fairly optimistic person.  I have goals in life, goals that I intend to reach before I die.  I think everyone needs some optimism.  As Emily Dickinson once wrote, “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words and never stops at all.”

The things I’m optimistic about in life:

-I have so many things to do and see in life that the future is completely free for me to shape.   I don’t have to plan my future, I get to make it.  Everyone has always told me that I have to worry about my future self.  Why?! My future self will be influenced by whatever decision I make today and I know that that Brittany will either regret the decision or not, but will always forgive her past self and understand why she made that decision.

– I’m becoming a better person every day.  The last two months of 2013 were not the best.  I was down every day, I was depressed, I was struggling.  It can only get better.  And it has! I’m still in college, I still have friends and family that love me.  And most important I’m still breathing.

-The people I care about and who care about me will always be here for me.  I will never have to travel life alone.  Never.  There will always be someone to walk along side me and point out the beautiful things in life that overpower the horrible.

People ask if I ever get tired of people being too optimistic about something.  Is there such a thing?  If someone needs hope, if they need that confidence (fake or not), then why not let them hold on to it?  I don’t believe there is such a thing as being too optimistic.  Hope is good.  Confidence is good.  And when shared with others it is one of the most powerful things in this world.

So be optimistic.  Sit down somewhere quiet and think to yourself, “What do I have to look forward to?”  Even if it’s something that seems silly, like my crazy obsession with my baby rabbit growing into the most spectacular rabbit anyone has ever seen.  And for those of you who want to see what my rabbit actually looks like, here you go!

i love literatureShe loves books…and shoes.

She also loves predators who may be likely to consume her one day.  Unfortunately I do not have a picture of her chasing the cat yet, but those will be coming shortly.

i love you bunn

Theme Thursday- Doubt

Doubt- to be uncertain

Everyone has doubts, right?  Everyone goes through the internal agony of wondering if something is going to turn out okay.  This week I’ve had quite a few.  Am I going to be able to finish my World Literature assignment tonight along with my American and Contemporary Literature homework? Am I going to be able to find a new job? Is my baby rabbit going to grow up to be a radiant ball of fur or is she going to go insane and chase after predators (mainly cats)?


For some reason, the only thing I seem to be thinking about in my free time is whether or not things are going to work out in the end.  I    don’t have a perfect life.  I don’t have a full stomach all the time.  I’m a college kid, isn’t that what college is all about?  Learning how to grow up and be a contributing member of society? Why do we have to ask all of these questions that never seem to have a satisfying answer to them?


But wait! I’ve found Doubt’s weakness!

Doubt has an enemy, whose name is Faith.  I have to believe that everything will be okay.  I will get my homework done on time for class.  A job will turn up soon (still having issues believing this one).  My baby bunny, Noodle, will be the most spectacular rabbit anyone has every known.  She will make Lola Bunny jealous and Bugs go head over heels.  She won’t go around chasing innocent house cats who have never been exposed to the outside world and therefore don’t understand that a rabbit is harmless.

Just have faith, everything will be okay.