Monthly Archives: September 2013

State Standards…

Today, in my multi-media education class, we learned that we would be spending the next eight weeks creating a weeks worth of lesson plans.  As we go throughout the semester, we will be learning how to incorporate certain technology into our lesson plan.  I must admit that I am super excited for this project.  Not only am I learning how to create a lesson plan (or rather find some great lesson plans online and ‘tweek’ them a little) I also get to expand my education of the technological world.  I lack many things, and one of them happens to be an understanding of ‘techy’ things. 

As I was reading through some of the guidelines for the project I found that we had to build our plans around the state standards of the state we want to teach in.  I was thinking, “Ok, this shouldn’t be too bad, I can do this. No worries!” 

I was wrong.

I looked up the state standards for Wyoming and I was immediately overwhelmed.  There were so many! I’m sure I can find a way to fit at least some of the standards into my lesson plan and be able to convince my boss that I really am doing my job, but it’s going to take plenty of creative thinking and researching.  

In class, we have discussed how sometimes a teacher will spend all summer on a lesson plan, or rather unit, that they thought was absolutely intriguing and that the students would love it as much as the teacher does.  I’m afraid that I’m going to get a really awesome picture in my head of what my lesson plan will be but no one else will see its fascinating features. 

I’m not sure I’m ready for that disappointment when I find that my super-mega-awesome lesson plan isn’t creating a super-mega-awesome class for my students.